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A Goodbye Letter to Drugs & Addiction

By April 7, 2022May 8th, 2024No Comments

Laws are quickly changing across the nation as researchers find medical uses for these drugs. By writing the goodbye letter, they can clarify what causes their addiction. This is part of the power of putting thoughts down onto paper. But it does more than simply uncover causes. By writing a declaration to break the addiction, the patient is creating a strong contract with themselves.

how to write goodbye letter to addiction

Heroin: My Enslavement by You, is Over!

At times, I felt that I would never make it without you; I felt physically ill once we were apart. It took me a very long time to realize that no matter how much I gave you, it would never be enough. Over time, you destroyed my career, friendships, family relationship, and my freedom. Leaving you helped me focus on restoring my hope in living free from the grip of substance abuse. All of the good things I thought came from you, had come from me all along; you just made me think that I needed you to experience them.

how to write goodbye letter to addiction

Breaking Up with Addiction: Writing a Goodbye Letter to Addiction

how to write goodbye letter to addiction

Hannah Rose, LCPC, is a therapist, writer, public speaker, and lover of all things caffeinated. You are stronger than your addiction, you may just need to remind yourself of this in your letter. If I returned to you, I know I’d be hooked again. But every day I will keep doing what I have to do to keep my obsession at bay — counseling, 12-step meetings, etc — so that I never have to see you again. And so that I can be there to help others who you might victimize. You sent me to the hospital more than a few times.

Treatments Available At Resurgence Behavioral Health

Without you, I am accomplishing more than I ever have. Without you, I am returning to the life and people I once loved because I know they still love me. When you first came into my life, I believed that you would help me ease all the pain I was going through.

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These programs aim to break the cycle of addiction by addressing underlying issues and teaching coping mechanisms. So the next time you judge someone experiencing a substance addiction, remember we all have our addictions. We all use something to numb our pain, whether it’s an addiction to social media, working, shopping or drugs and alcohol. Collective community care will help those already addicted and prevent more from becoming addicted. I am hoping this will help give me a final sense of closure, and help support other people who are struggling with substance abuse, just as I once did. I hope this gives them the hope and the motivation they need to finally seek out professional addiction treatment services.

I’m still haunted by your memory despite the knowledge that I’m much better off without you. Once we were forced to spend time apart, I realized that I was spellbound by you. You, heroin, were a magic ingredient, goodbye letter to addiction and you kept me doing your evil bidding. I realized that if I continued to see you, I would be enslaved by you forever. Honestly, I don’t really remember exactly when I realized it was over.

Step 5: Seek support and guidance

  • For a time, it felt like all I needed in the world was you.
  • Our team determines the best possible treatment plan for you without cutting quality.
  • I wasn’t treated like a drug addict that had made so many poor decisions.
  • In addition, she holds a fully accredited Certificate of Natural Medicine and is a certified Herbalist.
  • Send to or click here to submit via any web browser.
  • The message has always been that drugs are bad.
  • And that, in itself, is extremely therapeutic.
  • We bonded over and shared stories about what you’d done, what you’d made us do.
  • From here on out, I have effective ways to cope that don’t involve obliterating my reality and slowly killing myself.
  • Carepatron offers integrated software for therapy practice management, streamlining scheduling, billing, and clinical documentation for healthcare providers.
  • I’d also surround myself with people who used more than me, so I could plausibly deny that my addiction wasn’t that bad.
  • Help clients organize effectively with this ADHD Planner.
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