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Alcoholic Nose Rhinophyma: The Real Cause, and How to Treat It

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Medical advice for rosacea treatment includes risk factors people can avoid to lessen their instance of flare-ups, which may include some lifestyle changes. This is a skin disorder called rhinophyma, which is a side effect of another type of skin condition called rosacea. Surgery may be done with a laser, scalpel, or rotating brush (dermabrasion).

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Why Alcohol Abuse Gets The Blame For Rhinophyma

The social stigma related to alcohol abuse and alcoholic nose highlights the social pressures and barriers that still exist for those with substance abuse issues. In the early stages of drinker’s nose, these symptoms will be mild to moderate in form. People who have rosacea may not develop rhinophyma until years later in life. However, recent research has suggested that while alcohol worsens the symptoms of rhinophyma, it is not the primary cause. Rhinophyma is a subtype of the inflammatory skin disease rosacea.

Is A Big Nose A Sign Of Alcoholism?

why do alcoholics have big noses

Men who drink long and hard enough also can experience erectile dysfunction while women who drink during pregnancy can cause birth defects. Your relative may naturally have a big, bloated face and a red, bulbous nose. The physical signs of an alcoholic, even one that has quit drinking and is in recovery, can often be spotted a mile away. They can also linger for years or can be part of the permanent damage done from a person who became obsessed, controlled and dependent on the drink.


Some people might be prescribed a low dose course of isotretinoin (Accutane) to help shrink enlarged oil glands that might also be contributing to skin thickening and symptoms. Topical retinoids might also be recommended for anyone who catches the condition in its early stages. Flight is a phenomenal movie with brilliant performances that hit the mark dead on.

That means someone drinking heavily may show flushed cheeks and an enlarged nose with a red or purple tint if they have rosacea. Many doctors advise patients with rosacea to avoid drinking and cooking with alcohol, especially red wine for women, to avoid aggravating the skin condition. Alcoholic nose, known by its clinical name, rhinophyma, is a condition that causes the nose to become bumpy, swollen, and red in appearance. Also referred to as “drinker’s nose,” this condition may be the result of rosacea as well as alcohol abuse. The most common and effective treatment for rhinophyma is surgery.

  • If all these physical symptoms are not enough for any alcoholic to deal with, there are still more.
  • His team is collaborating with Mass General’s Research Patient Data Registry to obtain de-identified patient records, which they plan to review for instances of stigmatizing language.
  • As many as two out of three patients with rosacea experience flare-ups when they consume alcohol.
  • You deserve the opportunity to live a life free from addiction and the bondage it can create.
  • Surgical therapy, along with topical treatments, are incredibly effective for helping return the nose to its original shape without harming the bone and cartilage structures.
  • It should not be used to replace the suggestions of your personal physician or other health care professionals.

You can only use rhinophyma as a starting place for someone you know well. While there are no severe side effects of alcoholic nose, the main side why do alcoholics have big noses effect is their physical appearance. Alcoholic nose does not prevent someone from breathing or give them any trouble in their day-to-day life.

“[Rhinophyma–diagnosis and treatment].” Polish Journal of Otolaryngology, 2004. Although there are no direct stem causes of alcoholism and rosacea that meet at one point, there is a connection between them. While the underlying causes aren’t fully understood, early treatment is considered the most effective solution. If inflammation is present because of a bacterial infection, then oral antibiotics such as tetracycline may be prescribed to manage the infection. However, multiple methods might be recommended to manage the thickened skin. Currently, no single thing has been shown as the direct cause of rhinophyma.

Feeling good about how they look, feel and what they have accomplished are important emotional and psychology building blocks to living life fully. His team is collaborating with Mass General’s Research Patient Data Registry to obtain de-identified patient records, which they plan to review for instances of stigmatizing language. He hopes the process will help researchers quantify the prevalence of such language in clinical notes and identify patterns that can inform interventions.

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