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How to Buy Saitama SAITAMA HODL or Trade Crypto

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First, you can stake them on the SaitaPro wallet and earn rewards/ profit. Additionally, you can trade Saitama coins via a CFD trading account on an online exchange. If SAITAMA does not appear on the selected DEX platform, find its smart contract address and copy and paste it on the decentralized exchange. Beware of scammers and ensure to get the address from SAITAMA’s official contract address. SAITAMA currently has limited trading pairs, so the easiest way to purchase it is to buy ETH first and then exchange it for SAITAMA. However, it would help if you had enough ETH to cover gas fees.

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  1. The most popular cryptocurrency exchanges to trade SAITAMA are OKX,, Uniswap (V2), LBank, etc.
  2. SAITAMA currently has limited trading pairs, so the easiest way to purchase it is to buy ETH first and then exchange it for SAITAMA.
  3. You’ll need to purchase ETH on an exchange like eToro and swap your ETH for Saitama Inu on Uniswap.
  4. With a max supply of 100B, for the token to reach $1 the market cap would have to reach 100B which is extremely unlikely.
  5. It aims to make DeFi simpler and safer for everyday users while offering a comprehensive ecosystem with tangible value, including the SaitaMask wallet for fiat transfers and token trading.

The platform offers various trading features and provides an API for developers and traders to access its services. LBank’s native token, LBK, can be used to pay for fees and access other benefits. To sell, you can send the supported crypto back to the brokerage and sell it for fiat currency (USD) or hold it.

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You’ll also need to enter the amount of ETH you want to transfer and confirm the transaction. You may have to pay a network fee for the transfer, which depends on the congestion of the Ethereum network. To buy Saitama Inu, the first step is to open an online account that supports Ethereum. Some platforms that support Ethereum include Coinbase, Paypal, Venmo, and Robinhood. You’ll need to create an account on one of these platforms and verify your identity and payment details. Ledger is a hardware wallet that supports all ERC-20 tokens.

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Once you connect your wallet with Uniswap, type SAITAMA or the contract address of Saitama to import it in the DEX. After you do that, type the amount of SAITAMA you want to purchase. Afterward, transfer your purchase ETH to your Metamask wallet by typing the amount you want to send and the correct address of your wallet. This has made it much easier for users to purchase and own SAITAMA tokens.

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Despite it all, some users prefer using decentralized exchanges when buying certain cryptocurrencies. Therefore, you can buy SAITAMA using decentralized exchanges within the Ethereum network. No, neither Coinbase nor Binance support the coin at the moment. As of Aug. 2022, the project is too small to make it on major exchanges. However, a future listing is not off the table if the token establishes itself as a viable cryptocurrency. As of Aug. 2023, the project is too small to make it on major exchanges.

Once the account is activated, you must create an elaborate password, and you are good to go. Notably, trading is available immediately, even if you prefer not to go through the KYC (know your customer) identification process. However, doing so will unlock several additional privileges on the platform. Now, let’s learn how to buy Saitama Inu on cryptocurrency exchanges that support the coin. While leading crypto exchanges like Binance and Coinbase don’t offer any SAITAMA pairs, the platform lists all crypto exchanges where you can buy Saitama Inu. They deploy an automated market maker to remove any intermediaries and give users complete control over the funds.

You can use a crypto wallet like Guarda or crypto exchanges like 1inch, Uniswap, LBank, and BKEX that support SAITAMA trading. Binance is the biggest crypto exchange platform by market cap. But while it constantly reviews and adds cryptocurrencies that can be traded on its platform, the SAITAMA coin is yet to be listed. BYDFi is a cryptocurrency exchange that offers a wide variety of cryptocurrency trading pairs, from popular coins like Bitcoin (BTC) to more niche altcoins. LBank is a Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency exchange that allows users to trade over 800 cryptocurrencies and more than 1000 trading pairs.

Cryptocurrency is a highly volatile market, and significant risks are involved in trading CFDs, stocks, and cryptocurrencies. Considering the project’s low rank, modest market cap, and low integration, Saitama Inu carries a high risk for both advanced users and beginners. Read on to learn all the relevant information about Saitama Inu, including its pros and cons, and explore its unique features to make an informed investment decision.

The platform is about safe environment so investment would be considered ideal. Think of Saitama as a platform or token with community drive that encourages safe and simple crypto practice for everyone. Because of Saitama’s success, now it can be directly bought at some cryptocurrency exchanges. Some exchanges that have listed SAITAMA are, ZT, BitMart, MEXC, and XT.COM. Unique features include crypto analysis tools, the ability to trade cryptos easily, and a passive income opportunity for users on the SaitaMask platform.

Most exchanges need a minimum $50 deposit to exchange it for crypto. The table below offers a detailed overview of different amounts and their respective costs. The table below shows all exchanges where you can buy Saitama Inu (SAITAMA) crypto, such as Gate, Poloniex, XT, etc. For some exchanges there is a depth percent that shows how much liquidity is available, live bids two percent up or down from the current price.

It is recommended to then transfer your purchased tokens in a wallet such as Metamask to ensure more safety. Similar to other exchanges, you need to verify your account before being able to fully use its features. To do so, either transfer ETH from another existing wallet that you own and has ETH, or you have to buy ETH from a centralized exchange. You can also visit our other articles on meme coins, such as How to Buy Floki Inu or How to Buy Shiba Inu, etc.

At the time of writing, SAITAMA can only be purchased on Coinbase in the Coinbase Wallet. Head over to Binance, Coinbase, or any other centralized exchange that supports ETH (which many of them do), and buy ETH. You need to verify your account o be able to use such exchanges.

According to CoinMarketCap, SAITAMA coins in circulation stand at over 38 billion. This is a considerable supply, given that the token started trading in June 2022. Unlike most platforms, the Saitaima platform offers 100% free services to its users while allowing them to earn passive income through email campaigns, social media, and content creation.

Select Ethereum as the payment and SAITAMA as the coin you want to buy and proceed with the transaction. Make sure you are on the “Buy” menu in the open menu, enter the quantity you want to buy, and complete the transaction. Select ETH by clicking on simplefx- a foreign exchange brokerage review the button next to the Receive row. If you are planning to trade crypto, please consult a financial adviser. Our team is diligently working to keep up with trends in the crypto markets. Keep up to date on the latest news and up-and-coming coins.

So choose the option and select the choice according to you. Unfortunately, XT doesn’t allow you to sign up with Google or Apple, which means the signing up process will be largely manual. To start trading, the first thing you need to do is to sign up on the official website of

As Binance doesn’t offer Inu Saitama pairs, you must connect your newly established cryptocurrency wallet to or any other SAITAMA backing exchange to buy SAITAMA tokens. Due to the limited trading pairs available for SAITAMA, the easiest way is to purchase ETH and then exchange it for SAITAMA. However, trading ETH comes with the downside of notoriously high gas fees and possibly long transaction times. SAITAMA is the native token of Saitama Network, used within the ecosystem to conduct transactions and for staking.

SAITAMA is an ERC-20 token built on the Ethereum blockchain. It’s a dog-themed meme coin aiming to educate as much as entertain. Besides, the SAITAMA coin is planned to be the primary medium of exchange for an upcoming marketplace where people can buy and sell NFTs. When people use SAITAMA coin to buy or sell NFTs on this marketplace, investors will earn a small percentage of the transaction fees. From there, the platform will ask for various details according to the method you have selected. So do that and once the payment is confirmed, you will see your desired cryptocurrency right in your XT wallet.

After finishing the verification process, use a debit or credit card to purchase USDT and then trade the USDT to buy ETH. The next step is to transfer your Ethereum from the online platform to your crypto wallet. You’ll need to copy your crypto wallet address and paste it into the send or withdraw option on the online platform.

SAITAMA is an ERC-20 token that started as a meme coin in 2021 and upgraded into a utility coin in June 2022. Like other ERC-20 tokens, the SAITAMA coin is created and hosted on the Ethereum blockchain, meaning it will eventually be part of it. There are over four crypto exchanges where you can buy Saitama Inu, and the top 3 ones are Gate, Poloniex, and XT. First step you should follow is to register on the XT platform. By registering, you will be able to purchase any cryptocurrency on the platform. So, go to the XT Official Website link, select Sign Up on the top right corner.

These wallets allow you to store your ETH and SAITAMA securely and independently from the online platform. Some crypto wallets that support ERC-20 tokens include Coinbase Wallet and MetaMask. Saitama advertises itself as a “community-driven platform.” Moreover, the team targets Gen Z traders and commits to helping young crypto investors reach financial well-being.

It also has “anti-whale” procedures, meaning it hopes to prevent large investors from drastically affecting the price of the token. However, this feature is not fully functional and remains unclear. All of these features are par for the course of memecoins and rarely do anything but act as good talking points for the narrative.

The only real driver of success with coins like Saitama Inu is the meme and its ability to spread. If the coin is marketed well and rises in popularity, there’s a good chance it’s price will increase too. After depositing USDT into your account, navigate to the “Spot” section on BYDFi’s main interface.

Connect your crypto wallet, select the amount of ETH you want to swap, pay network and DEX fees, and wait a few minutes or hours to see your SAITAMA balance in your wallet. In this article, we will provide you with a brief guide on purchasing Saitama Inu (SAITAMA) in four simple steps through three different cryptocurrency exchanges. Saitama Inu (SAITAMA) is an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain, created in June 2021, based on the legend of a ghost dog in Japan’s Saitama region. It aims to make DeFi simpler and safer for everyday users while offering a comprehensive ecosystem with tangible value, including the SaitaMask wallet for fiat transfers and token trading. It’s important to conduct thorough research and ensure that the exchange you choose is reputable and supports the trading of Saitama crypto.

There is only four crypto exchanges on which you can trade SAITAMA. As direct fiat pair is not available you can use stablecoin USDT, so first you will buy USDT and after you exchange it to Saitama Inu. The top spot exchange by buy/sell volume for the last 24h is Gate with usdt trading pair. The meme token hopes to offer more DeFi features than other memecoins. It seemed to work out extremely well for SHIB but it likely wasn’t the main driving factor. SHIB was propelled forward at least partially by the massive donation Vitalik Buterin made to the COVID-Crypto India Relief Fund after he was given 50% of the supply.

To send the Ethereum you bought on Binance to the MetaMask wallet, go to your Binance wallet section and withdraw it by filling in the required information. Set up the network to Ethereum and provide your MetaMask wallet address (copied from account 1) and the amount you want to transfer. Once you have the amount added, you need to select the payment option. Thankfully, XT allows many payment options like VISA, MASTERCARD, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Simplex, and a lot more.

Burning in the cryptocurrency context refers to sending a portion of tokens to a wallet that doesn’t have a private key, effectively removing them from circulation permanently. This process usually happens to decrease the token supply and thereby potentially increase its market value. The cheapest way is to use bank account to buy Bitcoin or Ethereum or Tether first or to buy the Saitama right away. The fastest way is to use a credit card but you will then be charged higher fees.

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