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December 30, 2016 – New York, NY- Jonathan Medows, a Manhattan CPA and an ordained rabbi who specializes in clergy taxes, recently launched a revised website, The site is dedicated exclusively to providing information and tips related to clergy taxes, drawing on Medows’ extensive experience working with clergy of all faiths and beliefs across the United States.

Medows, who heads Manhattan-based tax and accounting firm MEDOWS CPA, PLLC, advises all clergy members that superior tax preparation is necessary regardless of pastoral position and faith. “Clergy members are not treated any differently than other businesses and individuals when it comes to taxation. They have to pay taxes like everyone else and, in fact, their risk of being the subject of an audit can be much higher than the average individual.”

Working with a CPA who is qualified and experienced in preparing clergy taxes is a recommended strategy for clergy members. A licensed CPA is generally much more knowledgeable about the tax advantages available to clergy members and more thorough than unlicensed accountants and bookkeepers. A qualified and trained CPA who is well-versed in clergy tax requirements can assist clergy members in:

  • Mitigating their tax burden, reducing the possibility of paying excessive taxes.
  • Completing their income tax return correctly to avoid being subject to an IRS audit.
  • Matters related to IRS representation. A licensed CPA can represent clergy before tax authorities should they be called for an IRS audit.
  • Keeping updated on the latest tax code changes that impact clergy taxes such as changes to parsonage designation guidelines and dual-status tax rules.
  • Ensuring that any tax withholding is correct and that tax planning is completed on an ongoing basis.

Medows also recommends that clergy members consider working with a CPA firm that can provide comprehensive services in order to receive the most efficient service and accurate assessment of their tax and financial situation.


MEDOWS CPA, PLLC is a Manhattan-based CPA firm offering comprehensive tax, accounting, and consulting services for clergy members, individuals and businesses. The firm also provides financial, retirement and tax planning. Jonathan Medows, CPA, is the firm’s Managing Member and is also an ordained rabbi. He is highly experienced in the preparation of clergy taxes and provides resources for clergy members on the website